Eric Johnson Guitar Lesson

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World-famous guitarist Eric Johnson visited Sweetwater recently, and generously spend some time in our video studio to share this guitar lesson with you — enjoy!
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  1. Those awesome guitarist are so bad at teaching…

  2. Cool lesson. Short but sweet.

  3. Almost a rhythm jazz guitar bit at first…in the key of E, start on the IV (A), and play three note voicings moving down to the II (F#m), then as he says, from V (B) to the 1 (E). As he moves from A down to F#, he keeps the reference note (E) on top. But the notes he picks for the scalar playing against the chords, while jazzy, is all Eric.

  4. Thanks, Eric.. I shall do my bestest!

  5. Had the privilege of being front row for his Louisville concert last week. Just watching his fingers fly across the fretboard live is so mesmerising. Truly an inspiration to practice even if I never reach that level

  6. master

  7. The Ferrari F40 of guitarists

  8. Don't get old man!

  9. One of the guitar players who influenced me on playing guitar.

  10. when he starts it sounds good but later-not good with all that noodling-not for nothing are the Ramones in the hall of fame

  11. wheres the pedal shot for this video? Never seem to see erics setup for a small single amp situation. tube driver and belle epoch? Come on sales guys! Thanks for posting

  12. A lesson in how to give up and take up the trumpet instead

  13. His tones are like good waffles in the morning.

  14. This progression which is basically a blues turn around in E is also the same sequence used at the end of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody. The very end when they sing "Anywhere the wind blows" Is this but only in Eb not E. Starts on the 4 chords and ends up back at the one However…If you use a G dim chord instead of a G7 it sounds a little more stable as the interval of the #9 and the natural 13 in the upper end the chord suggest a diminished chord, then right to the F#min to Bsus. Adding the F#7 changed the rhythm a bit.

  15. why too short..???

  16. Roberto Sarmiento

    Jumping yimmy, that the real EJ. incredible to ck out one of his fretboard wayz. all time Great he is.

  17. Alexandre Anonimous

    Sweet, this will fit well on my telecaster soon

  18. This hardly a simple progression!

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