Eruption Guitar Lesson Pt. 1 – Van Halen

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In this Eruption guitar lesson video series, I will show you how to play what is perhaps the most famous guitar solo ever recorded, note-for-note.

Eddie Van Halen brought the guitar playing world to it’s knees when “Eruption” came blasting at them off of Van Halen’s debut album. The rapid-fire licks and the at-the-time bewildering tapping section where something guitarists everywhere had never heard before. In one quick solo track, Eddie Van Halen completely changed the guitar playing landscape, as millions of guitar players locked themselves into their rooms for years trying to figure out all of Eddie’s licks.

In the first video lesson, I will start by performing all of Eruption from beginning to end. I will then teach you all of Eddie’s guitar parts up until the tapping section.

The licks you will learn in this first video will be the most challenging of the entire solo by far. The tapping part may be what everyone knows, but this opening section is where you will need the serious chops.

Of course “Eruption” introduced to the world Eddie Van Halen’s dazzling tapping technique. It will be in the second video lesson that I will show you how to play than. Even though tapping had been employed by numerous guitarists before, no one had ever taken it to such musical heights.

At the beginning of the video I demonstrate the basic 3 note tapping pattern Eddie uses throughout the whole section. From there it is just simply a matter of memorizing the different arpeggios.

Take your time and get the tapping pattern down by itself first before trying to learn the entire song.

Hope you guys enjoy the lesson. We certainly can’t get any bigger than this when it comes to famous solos. 🙂

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  1. あいおう通常はないもないhd

    I have a god damn telecaster… What am I doing here?

  2. exploding melon universe

    how did I end up here, ive never even picked up a guitar for real

  3. Slow down the video, phrase by phrase watch video at slow motion to learn. Use a metronome (free phone app)and pick up speed as you learn the patterns. We learned to crawl before we walked then we learned to run, it's the way the human mind learns.

  4. What kind of guitar to you have

  5. Thanks so much for your clear instruction on this, it's a piece I keep coming back to my whole life, but have always gotten stuck on some key areas. Let me know what you think of my progress

  6. Thank You. Great tutorial !!!

  7. I came to this video with my ambitions high and left with a broken guitar

  8. This tutorial is great but it's hard to play so 89% just watch the intro

  9. WhatSideOfTheBed DidYouWakeUpOn
  10. Ive never wanted to hear the tapping part of this song so bad in my life.

  11. You PRO!!!!!!!

  12. Cool!!!!!

  13. I have a question for anybody really. I noticed when playing this that my fingers that I’m not using are curved back. For example when Carl does the first legato lick his middle finger stays where it is and mine is curved back as I said and I was wondering if I am doing something wrong or what I should change any help would be appreciated thanks.

  14. what is the low a power chord

  15. Ridho Wiranatakusumah

    its hard

  16. I love it.

  17. Markage Awesome1251

    When you don’t have a wammy

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