Eruption Guitar Lesson – Tapping Section – Van Halen

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In this “Famous Solos” installment we will take a look at the solo that pretty much changed rock guitar as we know it.

The unaccompanied guitar solo “Eruption” was on Van Helen’s debut album and instantly made Eddie Van Halen a legendary figure in the guitar world.

I chose to focus on just the tapping section of Eruption since that is the part most people recognize.

Of course Eruption introduced to the world Eddie Van Halen’s dazzling tapping technique. Even though tapping had been employed by numerous guitarists before, no one had ever taken it to such musical heights.

At the beginning of the video I demonstrate the basic 3 note tapping pattern Eddie uses throughout the whole section. From there it is just simply a matter of memorizing the different arpeggios.

Take your time and get the tapping pattern down by itself first before trying to learn the entire song.

Hope you guys enjoy the lesson. We certainly can’t get any bigger than this when it comes to famous solos. 🙂


  1. What effects did you used?

  2. Is it bad that my pointer finger is literally bleeding

  3. When you try playing it on the acoustic guitar 🙁

  4. Great lesson but why change tuning from the first lesson to this one?

  5. 0:07 Holy shit bro!!!

  6. My fingers just die

  7. God I hope my guitar is over 18

  8. Why is his hand shiny

  9. Stubby Burrito Productions

    Anyone else's left index finger hurt like hell from holding it in that awkward position?

  10. From Smoke on the Water, to One, to Eruption in 8 months. I'm proud of my progress.

  11. how do you have a lesson for all the solos i type

  12. Unless you have some BIG A** HANDS… how tf do you play this?

  13. It sounds like pac man soundtrack

  14. You make it look easy but it is not easy. my pinky is getting worn out

  15. great lesson

  16. The hand cramp is real

  17. Thanks for the tutorial!

  18. y does he look like cole sprouse?

  19. Radioactive Flowers

    First time i heard this solo i thought it was hardest solo of all time but when i picked up my guitar and watched this video i realised it was easy one. I love how van could do easy stuff and still sound amazing ❤️

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