Everlast – What It’s Like – Guitar Lesson, Easy Acoustic Songs For Guitar

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Hey guys Marty here with MartyMusic, hope your week is off to a good start! Here’s an easy acoustic lesson to ease you into Monday, it’s “What It’s Like” by Everlast. Thanks and see you again soon!

Peace and Love,


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  2. Hey Marty can you do a lesson on Through The Valley please

  3. Shawn mendes there is nothing holding me back no capo

  4. Hey Marty,could you please teach 'midnight in her eyes' by the black keys. I really love this song but I can't find a good tutorial for it

  5. Dan Drinks water

    Do Mother by Pink Floyd

  6. America's Greatest Pop

    Marty you are the coolest guitar tutor ever. You have taught me so many song and just wanted to thank yo for it.

  7. Hey marty just wanted to say thanks for all the guitar lessons ive been waching u for like the past 8 years with you and my roomate teaching me ive become alot better at guitar and have been branching out to my own music so keep it up and thanks again you rock

  8. Yusuf Abderrahman

    Hey Marty, I've been trying to learn this new passenger song on acoustic called "In the End" and haven't been able to get it so I was wondering if you could make a video to help me out

  9. Harley Crutchfield

    Hey Marty! Long time fan, have been learning music from your tutorials as long as I can remember! Would you do a video showing how to play Goldfinger's 99 Red Balloons? Thanks! You're awesome.

  10. I'm glad you redid this lesson,thanks!

  11. Thanks been waiting for this one

  12. You should do some Avenged Sevenfold, like Roman Sky, Crimson Day, Or Gunslinger! They have so many great songs and are a huge band nowadays.

  13. I can't believe u hadn't done this yet! Such a great song!

  14. Titanium Gaming /TG

    I want to see him do a five finger death punch song tutorial!

  15. LoganAShank Shank

    Hey Marty, where u learn all this?

  16. Do Jam Man by Chet Atkins

  17. Marty can you do a tutorial on a song called boom boom

  18. Another awesome video Marty! Thanks again! Do you think you could do a tutorial for, "How Come", by Ray Lamontagne?

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