Everlong – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Foo Fighters Dave Grohl

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  1. Dance Kiwi Dance

    really nice lesson! just gotta find that drop d haha

  2. Hey Andy, love your work mate. Are you able to do a video on a song by Tonic. "If you could only see". That would be awesome thanks mate. Cheers

  3. I found the D is easier to play by dropping the Octave shape down a string on the 5th fret. Then you're set to start the rundown again…so first finger 5th string 5th fret, fourth finger 3rd string 7th fret.

  4. At 6:00 you say D string should ring out, then about 15 seconds later you say to mute it. You're not muting it.

  5. better explained then most . thanks

  6. Aaaand another great video and shirt!

  7. I just found your account and let me say, I LOVE IT. You’ve helped me so much already and your teaching style is easy to understand. Thank you so much!

  8. Cheers pal

  9. Can anyone further explain the picking pattern I’m so confused

  10. Great tutorial thank you.

  11. Andy you are brilliant. Thanks for the videos.


    This song is beautiful man Andy you played this song beautifully, excellent

  13. Similar to the SP 1979

  14. tutorial on foo fighters-walk accoustic version pls

  15. … one word: amazing !!!!! Thank you very much for this lesson. Greets from germany. 5/5 stars 🙂

  16. Northern Irish Gamer

    How about long road to ruin?

  17. Awesome buddy, can you have a look at alone on a rope & dead in the water by noel Gallagher I’d greatly appreciate it

  18. I'm fairly new to learning guitar. Is it only the top string that's not in standard tuning? When tuning top string for this song for this song what would the tuning be?

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