Everlong Guitar Lesson – Foo Fighters

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In this Everlong guitar lesson I am going to teach you how to play all of this Foo Fighters smash hit in it’s entirety.

Comprising of just a few different parts I think Everlong would be a great study for just about any level of guitarist.

Be sure to tune your guitar to “Dropped D” before starting the lesson so you can play along. If you don’t know what “Dropped D” tuning is don’t worry it is a rather simple altered tuning. All you have to do is tune your 6th string down a whole step from E to D. Every other string on the guitar remains the same.

By tuning down to “Dropped D” it makes playing the add 9 chords used throughout the song much easier to play.

You will see that some parts of this Everlong guitar lesson will demonstrate a riff that is played multiple times throughout the song but in a different fashion. What I mean by that is that at times you will learn a riff that is played with a big high gain guitar tone but then at another time the same part will be played on a quite muted guitar tone.

Don’t be fooled by all of that. Just see it for what it is, the exact same guitar part simply played with a different amp sound or perhaps slightly muted.

Within the song we have an excellent chance to work on moving power chords around and playing octaves. The octave section especially is cool to practice due to all the open strings that you need to keep ringing and the quick change from an octave shape to a power chord shape.

If any section of the song gives you any trouble at all try to isolate where the problem is and just focus on that. It could be the change from just one chord to the next. If so, practice playing back and forth between only those two chords. That isolation of the problem area will help you get the move down much faster than always playing through the entire section every time you are practicing it.

In any case, Everlong is a fun song to play and I hope everyone enjoys rockin’ out to it!



  1. thanks man, love your videos!

  2. So awesome how he takes time out of everyday to bring us free guitar lessons. Bless your heart Carl, you're an awesome individual!

  3. would you guys say that martymusics or this version is better?

  4. congrats on the channel, very good lessons, clearly explained.

  5. De Berardis Fitness

    Hey man great work. Would you be able to post a lesson form Green To me by Hum at some point soon would you?

  6. llove your lessons. to the point no mucking around. cheers thanks.

  7. you're famous, Bangladesh knows u

  8. Thanks, a great lesson..

  9. Awesome riffs in this song, yet pretty simple and straightforward. Thanks for the great lessons!

  10. fantastic best lesson on youtube thanks!!!

  11. the fact that i dont know how to tune the guitar pisses me off

  12. awesome bro, this song is deffo getting me laid somewhere…Thanks

  13. Thanks!!!!  you are very good teacher!!!!

  14. One of the most beautiful riffs in rock music I ever heard

  15. Every song I know is because of you! Thanks a lot. I appreciate the variety of content and genres, huge fan.

  16. Hey Carl,
    Using your videos for quite a while now. Must say you're the best guitar teacher on YouTube, especially for songs.
    You tell what each guitar is playing with accuracy.
    You're one of the few people I respect.
    I've got a new song for you, by the way. Listen to Swamp Thing by The Chameleons. It truly is one of the best songs I've heard and I'll bet you'll like it. To anyone who's reading this, listen to it as well.
    And it'll be great if you could do a lesson for it as well, don't really trust anyone else to do it as good as you.

    Keep up the good work brother.

  17. awesome!

  18. Carl.. Can you give us your amp settings? Are you using a modeling amp?

  19. good lesson but its important to mention which chords you play and not just the fingers shape. thanks.

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