Every Breath You Take – The Police | Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) How to play the Main Riff

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Every Breath You Take Guitar Lesson by The Police. Tutorial with easy chords and capo (Standard Tuning). Hope you like the lesson!

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  1. Is it so freaking hard to just draw a dumb paint-thingy to make it less stressful to show something? Im tired of listening things i dont care, just show me the pattern and draw the chord, so hard?

  2. Thanks man. I made a sick cover on my channel

  3. Vᴇɴᴇz Kɪᴅ ツ

    Play at 1.25 playback speed.

  4. Thanks!! This video helps me a lot!!!

  5. thank u so much,because of this chanel i can play my favorite songs with my guitar

  6. oh not the capo!

  7. hey man can u teach me dont close your eyes by keith weithley and wake up with you enkh erdene i hope youll find these message and btw your a great teacher love you man greetings from the philippines…

  8. Excelent ! this way to play allowed me to use my fingers as fingers and not as a spider legs.

  9. i will play this before i die idc

  10. Very Good !! The Best explanation !!!

  11. Apolline MARABELLE

    everything is perfect thank you!!!!!!!

  12. This way of playing it is so much easier than how Andy Summers does it. Thanks

  13. He does not use a capo !!!

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