Everybody Does Guitar Tutorial – Julien Baker – Drop D Acoustic Guitar Lesson

A guitar lesson on how to play ‘Everybody Does’ by Julien Baker. Another drop D song from her. I’ll take you through the song with on-screen chord boxes, rhythm slashes and tab. Get your tabs here http://www.rynaylorguitar.com/guitar-lesson/everybody-does-julien-baker

This was requested by a viewer, Dever Cunningham and I couldn’t resist as I’ve been listening to her non-stop after discovering her with my ‘Rejoice’ guitar lesson last week.

‘Rejoice’ Guitar Tutorial – https://youtu.be/q9jsUhRYGqE

We are again in drop D tuning with just a couple of progressions using the same chord grips. The strumming patterns were hard to pin down as she plays it a little differently every time it seems. The key thing would be the accenting on beats 2 and 4 and trying to get the palm muting in when it happens in the latter part of the song.

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See you soon.

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  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial, I just got my first guitar don't have a chance for guitar lessons so I hope to learn a bit from this kind of tutorials, yours are amazing

  2. I'll definitely practise this one. Discovered this artist like a year ago and tried to pick this song myself, but failed. Thanks for the lesson, mate! You have great teaching manner

  3. Fantastic!

  4. Man I appreciate these Julien Baker tutorials. She’s my favorite 🙂 thanks!

  5. I've found this song works even better if you tune your B and E strings up to C and F respectively

  6. Please Do Slug by Snail Mail!

  7. I love you!!!!!!!! You are awesome! Please RED DOOR by Julien as well we all love her!!!

  8. So glad I just discovered your channel. Great tutorials! Thanks so much for doing this song. Is that a NT1-A Rode mic you're using? Was considering buying one of those for my 1st mic. Would you recommend it? Is it good for recording guitar?

  9. black flies by Ben Howard

  10. Sebastian Schuberth

    This is a great lesson, you made it really easy to learn this song, so thanks a ton! Are you planning to do more Julien Baker lessons?

  11. You are a hero!! Thanks so much for this

  12. alo ry , thats another great video of yours, im really glad I introduced u to julien baker..I hope you are all ok..I have another suggestion : fluorescent adolescent by arctic monkeys..thanks in advance..good luck with whatever you doing xx

  13. could you do ´All is well ` , Austin Basham? please , is a good song and i love the way you teach

  14. Can you help me with the intro to Something by Julien Baker?! I can't quite get it

  15. Could you do Holocene by Bon Iver…? Tuts are out there but you would do it betteeeer ! Soo.. Holocene ? Please

  16. Sweet vidd, left a like & sub ^‿^

  17. Thank You!

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