Everybody Wants To Rule The World Guitar Lesson – Tears for Fears

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In this Everybody Wants to Rule The World guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this massive hit from the 80’s by Tears for Fears in it’s entirety.

Released in 1985 off their album Songs from the Big Chair, “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” went on to become their biggest hit in large part due to some really well crafted guitar parts.

The opening riff in instantly recognizable. It then makes it way to the verse chords which are dominated by keyboards. However, I will still show you how to play that section in a very easy manner on the guitar.

The chorus is made up of mostly simple bar chords, so if you can play those you won’t have any trouble at all.

There is also a quick little bridge section made up of power chords. The rhythm becomes more aggressive here so make sure you pay attention to the video lesson to know what to do in the picking hand.

The real stars of the show in this video lesson will be the guitar solos. The first one uses a ton of double-stops that shift all over the fretboard in a very quick fashion.

The double-stops can be a bit tricky, and those shifts are probably the most difficult part of the song. Try to anticipate the shifts in order to make it a bit easier to learn.

The outro solo is very unorthodox yet incredibly musical at the same time. It uses a lot of wide interval skips and the melody lines are created using a lot of awkward bends and slides.

Just as in the first solo, learn each part phrase-by-phrase before putting in all together. That will help your hands get acclimated to those unique guitar lines much quicker.

Have fun learning this 80’s classic from Tears for Fears!

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  1. Carl Brown you are a master teacher sir! Classic from my day.

  2. Alexander Jentes


  3. Alessandro Farisato

    Can you do a guitar lesson for Shout?

  4. great cover.. what effects are you using? thanks

  5. Sounds pretty accurate to me!

  6. Welcome to your liiiiiIiife

  7. Thanks. Simple and fun to play.

  8. When I play this with the track its out of key and I have to move 1 fret up. Are they in F standard or are you and I wrong with how we play?

  9. What about The tune on The original song?

  10. Great skill on guitar an as a teacher. Thanks for sharing that gifts.

  11. I love your instruction & visual – nice and clear, and without the necessary waffling that so many other channels use.  Can you please comment on the effects and the settings you used?  Thanks!

  12. flippinthemadstyles

    Nice tone! Sounds like the original!

  13. Thanks for the guide on the 2nd guitar solo. I too always thought it was all over the place, yet I always liked it.

    There is a guitar/keyboard doubling part at 2:182:32 of the song, just before the 1st guitar solo, that was missed. It's not a true guitar part, but to know it adds that much more color to the song. It's along the D major scale.

  14. Great lesson, thanks So much!

  15. So grateful for your channel!!!!!!!!

  16. Thanks for showing us how to play one of the great songs of the eighties my man!

  17. Great tutorials

  18. Ramsey Hildebrand

    fuck me. this song melts me from the inside out. such a fantastic song.

  19. really well instructed

  20. great! thanxs man

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