Everyday Practice Techniques for the Intermediate Player

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  1. Awesome! Thanks lesson face!

  2. Sylvester Dunggat

    ibanez jem right??

  3. Muwaffaq Al-Khodairy

    Is this best practiced on an electric guitar or could it also be practiced on an acoustic or classical and see similar results? I assume it would be beneficial regardless but how much more beneficial could one be to the other if you don't mind me asking?

  4. I have a huge problem with my pinkie because the middle joint is double jointed, so it will go out of place when I'm trying to play and mess me up. It's gotten better as my fingers have strengthened, but it is still an issue that kills my speed potential.

  5. Enough with the fap jokes!

  6. GOD!! This guy is a huge help. Simple techniques help so much.

  7. Eduardo Calatayud

    Thank you for the lesson , i think it is excelent. I don´t know if you can answer me a question, this is that when i practize scales in more or less 15 minutes i feel my fingers tired, more if i try with a fast tempo. I can´t belive how there are many guitarrist who can play for 2 hours and they don´t feel their fingers are like tired, like saying i can´t continue.

  8. very good teacher this man is…

  9. Francis Maron Cruz

    Im gonna be honest. Im glad that I found this video over the years. Now im still young and i think i can nail my skills on my guitar. I like how the tips being effective when i try it for 1 hr. So cool dude.

  10. You can do the hammeron exercise without a guitar while working/studying/in class etc! I just use my right wrist/forearm as the guitar neck and the burn feels exactly the same. Nice way to build some hand strength without even needing a guitar there

  11. you said "for the Intermediate Player". But you are speaking like I was started playing guitar yesterday. This makes the video very boring, I could compress it into 3 minutes without any content loss.
    The second thing is worse. BALANCE YOUR SOUND VOLUME! Firstly I setted my main volume to fit your speaking. Secondly, I jumped out from my chair when you started playing. Resetting my amp every time you start or stop playing can be very annoying.

  12. 27 years? u only look like u might only be 30 yourself lol . crazyy

  13. I`ve been doing this a while now its a great finger strengthening technique .

  14. pls can you make a step by step the crow rooftop plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    thank you

  15. Thumbs up to that! Legend!

  16. Excellent video! By far the best practice video on the internet! I'm having a problem with my pinky finger due to all of my fingers being "double jointed" (I don't know the proper term for it). It's prevalent in all ten of my fingers, but it is by far the worst with my pinky finger on my left hand. It will not move in a "fluid" motion; instead, it snaps back and forth on the strings. I know this is a terrible description of the problem I am having, but I really don't know how to explain it properly. Haha. If need be, I can post a video response to give you a visual description. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  17. What if I skip the first practice technique, of just hitting an open string in time, and substitute it with the last routine? Is that being lazy or time efficient?

  18. What kind of shampoo do you use?

  19. Thanks for the lessons…its did lot different on my guitar fingering now. (Y)

  20. That axe is fucking sweet.

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