Ex's and Oh's Elle King Guitar Tutorial Lesson Acoustic

Ex’s and Oh’s – Elle King Acoustic Guitar Tutorial Lesson
***Link To Chords/Lyrics Below***

This video is a step-be-step lesson tutorial on how to play Elle King’s awesome single “Ex’s and Oh’s”on acoustic guitar. The song has a cool swing feel to it and is extremely fun to play.

I also show you how to play some of the lead lines in this song including the guitar solo in the bridge.

-Dave T

FULL LESSON + CHORDS – http://bit.ly/1Osm3vK

► GUITAR : Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 – http://bit.ly/fl2coleclark
► AMP : Boss Katana 50 – https://geni.us/bosskatana50
► STRINGS : Elixir Phosphor Bronze .12 – .53 – https://geni.us/elixirstrings
► CAPO : Thalia – http://bit.ly/thalia-capo
► PICKS : Grover Allman Jazz XL 1.14mm – http://bit.ly/groverpicks
► MIC 1 : Rode NTG3 – https://geni.us/rode-ntg3
► MIC 2 : Rode NT3 – https://geni.us/rode-nt3
► CAMERA : Canon M50 – https://geni.us/cannon-m50
► ALL MY OTHER GEAR – https://kit.co/GuitarZero2Hero

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  1. I thought G chord had only three fingers not four ?!?!?!

  2. Totally deserve more view

  3. Is there a chord I can use besides Bsus4?? My hand isn’t big enough

  4. how do u slap?

  5. just notice, you are wearing black all the time. why? he he.. looks good on you!

  6. from now on, you are my idol. ..

  7. Ex-Oh.. Awesome instructional video! Dave is the guy to go for to learn the right way to paly a tune!

  8. My favourite guitar tutorial YouTuber

  9. 20:03 (Sorry, it's just for me to practise )

  10. could you pls do a new tutorial of the cover by asley tisdale and vanessa hudgens pls?

  11. Muy buena explicación! Exitos.

  12. Do you have tutorials but with electric guitar?

  13. Man you are so good 🙂

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