Extended Chord Types Theory – Learn Advanced Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Advanced Week 4 Part 2 of 5
Reference Pg 22 – 24 of Advanced Guitar 301 Course Book

8 week course for mastering advanced level of guitar!

Learn how to play acoustic guitar online for free!


  1. blah blah blah thisisaloadofbolox blah blah blah ^_^

  2. Good lesson.really understood the theory.thnx.its better than others

  3. Dude you need to learn the correct notes for your chords. I was getting a video for a student of mine since i will be on vacation, and your 9th chords are wrong. I couldnt even finish the video, you have no right teaching guitar to anyone.
    Gmajor9 G,A,B,DF#
    Gminor9 G,A,A#,D,F

  4. I understand why He came out of more talking. If malmsteen watch this and some others they would loved to hear more than playing it.

  5. Μάκης Γεωργακάκης

    stop talking and play! Boring!!!

  6. music of the intro?

  7. You are a shit teacher

  8. It's really hard to pay attention to this. Spice it up man, make it interesting

  9. yap yap yap zzzzzzzzzz snore, ,wait what he actually played something oh he stopped, yap yap yap zzzzzzzzzz, snore repeat

  10. Nick Jordan aka King of Spades ♠

    you got downsyndrome

  11. boring….

  12. all lesson videos should have guitar playing at the beginning so we can see what we can learn

  13. does he ever touch the guitar in this vid? oh skip to 3-20 for that……….

  14. There is nothing advanced about this. This is still very much in the beginner stages. Kind of disappointed.

  15. bla bla bla too much of it

  16. too much bla bla bla bla…………

  17. Very nice, thanks for the lesson 🙂

  18. bla bla bla bla

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