Eye of the Tiger Guitar Lesson – Survivor

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When “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor was written at the request of actor Sylvester Stallone to be the theme song for Rocky III, no one knew just how big of a smash hit it would become.

Due to it’s iconic opening guitar riff and big rock anthem chorus, “Eye Of The Tiger” ended up topping the charts all over the world.

In this Eye Of The Tiger guitar lesson video I will demonstrate how to play the entire song note-for-note.

Luckily, those memorable guitar riffs are relatively easy to play so just about anyone gets to try to learn this one. It actually may challenge some beginner guitar players, but that is a good thing.

Throughout most of the song’s verse and intro sections we have a constant 16th note pedal tone being played. That riff is just a guitar overdub though. You will want to play it between the chords in the opening riff to make it sound close to the recording, but if you are playing the song by yourself it will be impossible to recreate exactly due to that overdub.

After the initial power chord opening, the song moves into a triad version of the same riff. It creates a nice segue into the verse since this riff sounds more open and looser.

The chorus uses a couple barre chords, some diads that require a rather large shift and a short single note riff to close it out. Because of all these techniques, I would say the chorus will probably be the most difficult part to play for most players. That doesn’t mean that it is very hard to play though. ūüôā

Other than that I also cover the little guitar harmony section found during the second verse. I will demonstrate how to play that little harmony section of just one guitar.

So whether you are a diehard Rocky fan, want to show off for a few friends, or a beginner guitarist who wants a great challenge, learning to play “Eye Of The Tiger” should make for a quick and enjoyable experience.

OK that is enough talking for me! Enjoy the lesson!



  1. Jonathon Stevens

    you should do other Survivor songs like the ones with Jami Jamison.

  2. you sound like if you made that song. Good job!!!

  3. Thanks for this one my man I'm from Philadelphia and I'm a guitar player so I have to learn this one being from Philadelphia

  4. brianmccullough1


  5. Marcus Williams

    i found that you can play this song all on the e string just by doing 12 12 10 12 12 10 12 12 10 6 is this a good way too?

  6. what's the name of the first per cord?

  7. what settings????? i have gain,equalizer presense and reverb

  8. witch cord are you holding e cord or a cord

  9. can you like seriosly like teach me how to play

  10. Mysterious Wilderness

    hoa should I set up my amp for this song? I only have a basic amp with gain, treble, middle and bass. please get back asap

  11. Best part is where the main guitar riff goes up to  E flat РA# ,  it sounds discordant in a good way and really drives the song along, do you know the music theory why that change works so well?

  12. good job bro

  13. spyder123456789 prego xd

    oh finally i'have got found the truth Rif

  14. What pedal are you usin?

  15. You can easily replace Paul Walker in Fast & Furious series … Perfect lookalike

  16. Noctiluca- chan

    can you please make a guitar lesson for crown of thorns by black veil brides????

  17. What is the name of the guitar? 0.0

  18. Great lesson. Best lesson of this song I've seen online. The C note intro needs that palm muting to sound just right. New subscriber here!

  19. Awesome I'll teach this song soon too nice tone breh

  20. hi there what are your amp settings?

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