Fade to Black Metallica Acoustic Fingerpicking, Electric Power Chords Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Fade to Black Metallica Acoustic Fingerpicking, Electric Power Chords Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you the second installment of Fade to Black by Metallica! This song is one of their most iconic songs and with that is extremely complex. That’s why I’m teaching it to you over three different videos that will be coming out soon! So sharpen your ax and let’s get shredding!

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  1. Marty you should do Sweden c418 from Minecraft

  2. Dragon Mobile Gaming

    Why does your BASS have 6 strings? Very WiErD

  3. Pls do a Metallica 'one lesson

  4. @martymusic u should make a don’t let me be lonely tonight by james taylor video

  5. Great lesson and I like that shirt!

  6. I'm workin on it. Gona get it. Thanks. Your tutorials are pretty much my only time I spend online that I dont consider a waste.

  7. Please do A Conversation with death by khemmis i beg you!!!!

  8. Hey Marty plz do "Pennyroyal tea" by Nirvana

  9. Can you please do a lesson on Baker Street by the foo fighters I would really appreciate it

  10. You should do Cold by Crossfade. There isn’t any tabs on it on YouTube. This guy did a good cover tho https://youtu.be/e7a7YZQ9IrI

  11. Awesome!

  12. U should teach come and get your love by redbone

  13. Hey Marty. Why do we fingerpick this first part instead of use a pick? I saw James picks it on stage but wasnt sure if he just does that cos it transitions rapidly to the heavy part

  14. Marty marty please please may you possible do an easy ish tutorial of bonjovi someday ill be a Saturday night. I can't find one anywhere!!

  15. You should show all us how to play all my life by the foo fighters

  16. Hello Marty. I really am enjoying your channel I am a new subscriber. There are two songs I have been looking to learn but I cannot find any lessons on YouTube for these two songs. They both happened to be by skid row. The main song is wasted time I have always wanted to learn that opening clean riff along with the verse. II and least important is quicksand Jesus. Thank you for the lessons.

  17. Sanitarium for the next video!!!

  18. Marty please can you do bright eyes first day of my life

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