Fade To Black Metallica Intro Solo and Chords Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! This week I’m bringing you something that you all have been asking for, Fade to Black by Metallica! This song is one of their most iconic songs and with that is extremely complex. That’s why I’m teaching it to you over three different videos that will be coming out this week! So sharpen your ax and let’s get shredding!

Rhythm Part: 0:56
Solo Part: 6:38

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  2. Michaels Truckin Videos

    You got the third chord wrong bro, sorry, seen Kirk and James explain the intro many times. It even sounds off. You are only off on 2 notes however. I don;t have my guitar with me right now, and won't for a few weeks. If I can remember I'll grab it and show ya. The rest is spot on.

  3. Damn Marty soon you can play Santa Claus, lol.
    Great demo my friend sounds very good!!
    Greetings and a nice and happy 2020!

  4. Middle or neck pickup. Needs to be darker.

  5. This song is about a man that wants to commit suicide, and eventually does it.

    The depressive lyrics regarding someone with suicidal desires were inspired by James Hetfield’s first Marshall amplifier, which his mother helped him get before she died, being stolen just before the album was recorded.

  6. Hey, can u do pump it by black eyed peas

  7. 6:38 is solo part

  8. Hey Marty I’ve loved the lesson up to the lick with the rapid b and e alterations on the 15 and 16th fret I’ve had trouble getting down the speed. Do you have any tips on getting that part up to speed? Other than that the lesson was amazing!

  9. love your channel and your lessons. playing guitar since 40 years… and now i am trying to get the stuff done that i had never time for in the last years. 🙂

  10. I literally just found out you uploaded this 3 months ago haha, love this song and so glad you posted it !

  11. Really like how you're showing left hand finger positioning in anticipation of chord changes. It's an underrated teaching skill.

  12. wow. after several days. I learned it. Thanks

  13. Why does your guitar have 6 stri- get the hell outa here, Mary Schwarts is a great guitar teacher and you cant compare him to davie

  14. can i do this on stratocaster

  15. Marty actually it’s slide into 9 on the d and then 7 on the g and b and the back to 9

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