Faded Alan Walker Acoustic Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle Chord Melody

Info here http://www.blitzguitar.com/faded-by-alan-walker-acoustic-guitar-lesson-fingerstyle-chord-melody/

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  1. always find somthing great on this channel

  2. hey…i'm looking for a new guitar and yours sounds great…what guitar do you use and what is the price range?

  3. Hello Marco, please please teach us how to play "Forces of Attraction" soundtrack music of film "The Theory of Everything".
    It's really beautiful music. Thank you so much Marco, you're so awesome. :D

  4. Awesome cover and very helpful in helping me learn this song, could you try and cover a song by Toh Kay, hes an excellent guitarist and would love to learn one of his masterpieces 🙂 thank you

  5. Aiyanna Bentley

    yay new content! thank you

  6. Cool

  7. im so happy you made this video!

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