Faded Guitar Tutorial – Alan Walker | Simple Chords & Strumming PLUS Intro Melody!

Hey everyone! This week we’re going to show you how to play “Faded” by Alan Walker.

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This song uses a capo on the 6th fret (without it, we’d be playing some crazy barre chords like D#m, B, F#). We start out by showing you some chords and a strumming pattern, then we play along with the full recording and finally we show you a neat way you can play the chords and synth melody at the same time.

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The chords are really simple: Am, F, C and G. The only chord you might have trouble with is the F chord. We show you an easier way to do it (if necessary) on our website (see the link above). The chords repeat in the exact same way, over and over, so this song is great for practicing those switches!

After that, we show you a strumming pattern that captures the feel of this tune. It’s really simple (mostly downstrokes). And once we’ve gotten used to the strumming pattern, we practice playing over the entire song together.

Finally, we go over an easy way to play the intro melody, with basic chord shapes. It’s actually very simple once you get the hang of it, so give it a try if you’re up to the challenge!

Have fun with this one, I’ll see ya next week!

Faded – Alan Walker



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