'Fall To Pieces' – Guitar Lesson – Part One (WITH TABS) – Velvet Revolver – (Karl Golden)

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‘Fall To Pieces’ written by Velvet Revolver – As promised I have slowed down all the main rhythm and guitar parts for this lesson. I will do a separate video for the solo. I have to admit it is not very fun for me to make these videos but I know you appreciate them! 🙂

Check out my FULL INSTRUMENTAL version (Link below)

TUNING – Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb

In this lessson


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Mixed, performed & edited by Karl Golden

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  1. Piece of shit

  2. How do you play I saw the sign by the ace of base

  3. You should work on the fingering for the "lead".

  4. Anthony Williamson

    Wow! You got me through that song when I couldent do it any other way.. Hands down the best tutorial I've watched.. Many thanks..

  5. Thanks bro! Well done!

  6. Thanks man, very helpfull!!

  7. I've been watching youtube videos to learn to play certain somgs or parts of songs. .and im gona be straight up honest witcha..this was the best by far compared to dozens I've used..thats exactly what we need to see and the speed is perfect also…

  8. Outstanding lesson video!

  9. I think I'm just gonna learn the part at 1:00, the lead melody. This song looks hard AF! Thanks for the video 🙂

  10. what tuning is that…drop d?

  11. Really nice! No bullshit, no talking just a simple lessen. I like that. Others take 15 minute to explain what you do in 2.5.

  12. Love the fiddle !! very nice way to show how to play a song …covers both levels of playing at once!

  13. Where is part two?

  14. Well done! Bout time I learn this song I've always liked!

  15. plz share amp settings too

  16. great lesson, thanks!

  17. wicked lessong mate. No hard to see fingers, no hard to understand fret positions. Everything, in one place you need. 5/5 

  18. GOOD JOB ! ty !

  19. Can you please do a lesson for messages by velvet revolver?

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