Fast Car – Tracy Chapman – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson (BS-802) How to play guitar

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman - Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson (BS-802) How to play guitar

In this easy beginners guitar lesson we’re going to learn how to play Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, an all time acoustic classic and great for beginners to get going with fingerstyle!

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  1. 3:48 ring finger not needed??

  2. Bishal Chamling

    thank u sir ……..

  3. Tanx you Justin! As always your the best!

  4. That push is HARD!!!

  5. Nebulaxy Novatron

    awesome tutorial Justin!!

  6. Linda Sondermann

    excellent tutorial

  7. Hasanudin Schröter

    She sings this song very Amazing..

  8. Awesome lesson.

  9. so easy the way you go thru it thanks heaps

  10. hubdubite burleson

    Man, you're the best guitar teacher ever!!!

  11. THANK YOU!!!! 😀 you're such a great teacher :)

  12. Kevin menezes (kev)

    I learnt to play the song in just half an hour loved ur video

  13. can someone send me tabs for this song

  14. Saw several tutorials of this song, and yours is by far the best. Thanks.

  15. Beautiful. Thank you! Any chance for a lesson for Tracy Chapman's "The Promise?"

  16. AWESOME! I can now platy fast car! thanks man keep em up

  17. Andy Guitar man

    Great tutorial man! Keep em up!

  18. Nilay Badavne (Goofy)

    Great lesson! You made it easy to learn this song! Many thanks for your efforts!

  19. Can you play with other fingers instead of little finger at 9:11. My finger cant cross that far away from my ring finger

  20. It's AMAZING

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