Fast Car Tracy Chapman Guitar Lesson Tutorial Acoustic

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car Acoustic Guitar Tutorial Lesson
***Link To Chords/Lyrics Below***

A step by step tutorial on how to play Tracy Chapman’s classic hit “Fast Car”. It’s super easy to learn and in order to play it you’ll need a guitar (of course), and basic knowledge of open chords. This Tracy Chapman song uses 4 chords throughout the song. It is broken up into an intro, verse and chorus.

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-Dave T


► GUITAR : Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 –
► AMP : Boss Katana 50 –
► STRINGS : Elixir Phosphor Bronze .12 – .53 –
► CAPO : G7th –
► PICKS : Grover Allman Jazz XL 1.14mm –
► MIC 1 : Rode NTG3 –
► MIC 2 : Rode NT3 –
► REC INTERFACE : Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 –
► CAMERA : Canon M50 –

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  1. Very helpful! Currently learning this. I have read through all ur material. I really appreciate how clear u are in ur teaching. Considering signing up for ur premium lessons now. Thanks a lot Dave. U're awesome.

  2. Another awesome guitar tutorial and god damn an awesome voice u should sing more thx guitar zero to hero for these amazing tutorials

  3. I followed this tutorial and now I can play whole song and sing it thanks bro. This is awesome

  4. Jackie Colinares

    amnesia by 5SOS pleaaaaaaaaase!

  5. You did a good job identifying the strings. I am lost on the fret. I guess I should learn the different chords first.

  6. The best instructional video i've watch on any song!! thanks alot!

  7. How many times do we play intro verse chorus?

  8. man you always have the most comprehensive videos. everyone else just skips over the chorus and gives you a 5 minute video on the riffs alone. great stuff!

  9. tutorial is amazing; only con is i can’t really see where your fingers are, should zoom in on it bro ❤️

  10. I rlly want the f you shirt thats funny i love theese videos I feel I have learned more songs than I have with teachers i pay

  11. Relative to capo

  12. watching your older videos made me realize that you actually progressed a lot 😀 haha no offense of course, this tutorial is good as well!
    it's a pitty that you don't sing in all your tutorials too 😀

  13. best tutorial on that song I found so far, every part explained extremely well. THANK YOU!

  14. I wish I’d seen this before posting my cover of it, I just kinda made up the chorus strumming. Good lesson.

  15. Probably one of the best Guitar instructors online! Thanks man keep the videos coming

  16. Trevoulin Govender

    Great tutorial. Should totally do a flashback or throwback lesson for this one to update it a bit. It's wonderful. These lessons and premium have really helped my playing. THANK you Teacher Dave.

  17. Bruh this channel is so underrated it’s not even funny. Ur actually such an amazing teacher. As good as Justin guitar!!

  18. Yellow Submarine ;D •

    Im so glad that you showed how to sing to the strumming because many "teachers" on youtube don`t sing along with the guitar because of haters or idk.. great lesson

  19. Seriously the best guitar tutorial channel on YouTube. Right in pace, teach with chords/tabs on screen (the most important one). Thank you sir!

  20. I always love your tutorial! Thank you for putting tabs in your vid, it's easier to follow. I learned some songs because of you!

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