Fast Legato Techniques Pt.1 – Advanced Guitar Lesson

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Advanced Legato Techniques Pt.1

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This lesson is part one of our lesson series concentrating on advanced legato techniques. A FREE PDF TAB download for this lesson is available from the main site at While you are there check out all the other FREE video guitar lessons for players of all levels updated daily. Your support at the main site is what will enable me to continue these FREE daily lessons. THANKS!!
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  1. don't you mean intermediate lesson?
    if not, thanks for the compliment xD

    thanks for the power from the fist knuckles tip!! it makes a lot of sense and i already feel a difference

  2. first of all thanks for ur video, can u please tell me total number of note in 2 string E and B. is it 14 as i am hearing and my metronome set up is 14 clicks per beat, 3 beats per bar for practice am i right ?????

  3. Kuldeepak Chaudhari

    i am newbie to playing guitar can this technique also works on acoustic guitar (i am trying but i am not able to get it right)

  4. when does a legato end

  5. psilocyberspaceman

    Remember to set your delay to medium-high, medium feedback, and low-medium level to achieve similar results.


    good lesson

  7. The Guy that hates everything

    Do you have any videos of you just playing the guitar and not giving lessons?

  8. SanjeevGeorgeV

    nice…..does the use of distortion and effects matter in legato?

  9. Clinton Bartok

    Thank you so much for your thorough and concise instruction here my friend. You explain things in a way that I easily assimilate into my practice. I like how you get right to it. I will be checking out your Premium courses for sure. Thanks again dude!!

  10. hey bro .. what settings of effects did you use to make that sound? thank you bro

  11. im sure i would be classified as an expert if i had all that fancy distortion on my amplifier but noooooo i have to deal with a cheap burnwood

  12. Raul Badulkhan

    Easy ….

  13. Great video

  14. +GuitarLessons365 What type of Strat is that your using in the video?

  15. Sebastian Linnemann

    not sure if this is a naive request, but for these exercises, why not use more melodic examples? would probably make it easier to memorize fingerings and what its supposed to sound like. plus – and this is a huge deal for learning anything – makes it more fun. not that this wasn't fun, thank you for this lesson, i'll get right back at it when my index finger stops bleeding.

  16. Would you recommend playing with or without distortion? I can see the logic behind either approach

  17. damn i forgot the meaning of LEGATO, e.e ill be back in a sec

  18. I have a question. I've heard in a lot of places (in one of your other vids as well) that in legato the thumb of the fretting hand should be at the back of the neck. But in this vid in the first exercise your thumb seems to be not at the back, but protruding out. Could you elaborate on the technique, thought process, logic, etc? thanks

  19. whoever thumbs down this shit can suck a fuck.

  20. this is the sick. for really. great video this guy is much professional!

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