Fine Young Cannibals SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY Electric Guitar Lesson / Cover

She Drive Me Crazy Strumming Pattern Tutorial
She Drives Me Crazy Chord TABS
How To Play & Sing Blues With ONE CHORD
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  1. Don Eightiesplaylistsound

    Thank you. The Original is with the Powerchords or normal chords? Or twice like in this Video?


    Such a cool lesson

  3. GENIAL¬°

  4. Cool lesson man. Thank you

  5. Good job…helpful!!!

  6. Mark Ostrovsky

    Great job!

  7. stefania frezzotti

    This song is of 1989

  8. 0:03 Defeat The Dark Side
    And then you see dark skinned guy with a frenzied grin on his face. Hahaha. I love sarcastic sense of humour. Too bad that Star Wars kills this joke. Nice lesson. Thanks.

  9. I can tell this is an extremely straight forward and correct lesson I just can't follow your hands man. I can't identity the shapes as well. I keep trying but it's not snapping in even though I know this song is stupid easy.

  10. Dude that jacket is fire!!!

  11. cool!!!

  12. It sounded hard before but after your tutorial it is easy now. God save all those who post good tutorials on youtube!

  13. id love to play that but its just too hard

  14. Shellie Carlson

    Thanks! Can't wait to play if for my wife. 14 years and she still drives me crazy!

  15. I don't think you could have broken this song down any easier and understandable. Thank you.

  16. Selfmade & Vinyl Records

    cool thank you good explained and easy to play ! :- )

  17. EricBlackmonGuitar

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