Finger Picking On Electric Guitar: Introduction Here’s an introduction to finger picking on the electric guitar. The best thing to do when you’re learning finger picking is to pick a style and learn it well. Don’t get too confused with tons of different styles all at once.


  1. god damn you sound like edward norton

  2. How do people wear hats? Even in the winter i start to freak out if I have to wear one for too long. Scarfs i get though, if the materials soft enough

  3. On bass guitar, I pluck with my index finger while my thumb is resting on my lower pickup. I'm going to get a Gibson Les Paul soon and want to know if I can successfully play like that on guitar.

  4. It seems, to me, the hybrid picking technique works best with an electric guitar, due to the amplification. It wouldn't work as well on a nylon stringed guitar, due to the difference in volume between the pick and your fingers.

  5. thank God I'm not alone… XD i feel look stupid though i have difficulty with pick…

  6. what type of guitar is that?

  7. Holger vom Scheidt

    don´t chat-play!

  8. You have a great sound coming out of that guitar. Thanks.

  9. the first time i tried finger picking my fingers were bleeding no joke

  10. Thank you so much, this really helped

  11. sean penn?

  12. what's the song he starts to play at 3:20?

  13. Pick!? Just use a thumbpick! Much smarter idea

  14. Steve Gilson - SixStringsAttachedTV

    Its great to see how your style developed. I came from a similar background, playing classical etc. I tried using a pick for a while, but ended up dropping it and coming up with new techniques for fast picking scales etc. It's funny how similar circumstances can produce quite different approaches to achieving similar results!

  15. So the pick is not really must in electric guitar? Can i just use my finger on electric guitar?

  16. Broken Perception

    Hi! I'm a beginner and just wanted to know what style of picking/finger picking The Doors and The Beatles had? I'm into that kind of music so I want to learn how to pick in that style. I know the bands aren't very similar but still. Thankyou in advance 🙂 (don't know how to reply)

  17. cool lesson and ideas on the different styles of finger picking.
    Also, can you tell us what guitar you are using in this video ?

  18. God I have been switching between pick/no pick/hybrid picking for years. I cannot decide. I really like the feel of fingerstyle, but can't get the same attack or speed on certain styles.

    Have you ever tried a compressor or anything? I'd love to get the tone to sound like a pick, but use my flesh or fingernails instead.  

  19. funny cz i was just doing hybrid(didn't know that its name) pickcing in my acoustic cz with finger acoustic sound so muddy i actually like this ability to use pick & finger simultaneously & acoustic sound like its connected to mic

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