Finger Stretching Tips and Tricks For Bass Guitar (L#2)

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Bass guitar is a pretty big instrument and sometimes it can seem a real challenge to play even basic sounding basslines or solos because of the stretches involved. In this lesson I show you how to make the most of the hands yo mama gave you and even stretch an octave on one string without moving your hand. Boom.

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  1. HELP !!!
    I have a fused ring finger on my fret hand from a motorcycle accident years ago…
    I can not bend it at all !!!
    How can i over come NOT being able to use this finger ????
    Thank you…

  2. Thanks !!!!!

  3. What pickups do you have on that SR? 🙂

  4. Hi Mark, great videos. Good professional standard. I am just starting with the bass so this is pure gold for me.

  5. Great lesson!

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