Fingerstyle Acoustic Ragtime Blues on Guitar – Play This By Yourself – Guitar Lesson EP296

In this week’s guitar lesson, I’ll break down (in detail) how to play a ragtime blues composition that’s played fingerstyle on guitar. I’ll also walk you through how the thumb patterns work so that you can start creating your own compositions like this.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video and download the tablature for this blues guitar lesson, visit


  1. Terrific Video! It assisted me a lot!

  2. Hi Brian thanks for another excellent ragtime blues finger style lesson. Really appreciate your way of putting it across. Regards Brian

  3. Андрей Невоград

    Балуете Вы нас новинками , мистер Брайн :)))

  4. got the bass but that melody part is crazy difficult haha gotta keep grinding

  5. What fun! Thank you very much for sharing. You are a wonderful teacher!

  6. Being a finger picker, this is the first time I’ve been able to play one of Brian’s lessons in one day…Good upbeat tune!

  7. Thanks very much ..
    God bless you..

  8. Mmmn. Got to be honest Brian…'ve done much better / catchier fingerstyles.

  9. Most enjoyable. Thank you for this excellent free tuition. I think what you give away is very generous – more power to your elbow mate.

  10. I love your lessons. Always explained well, and beautifully played. Thank you!

  11. Another great lesson. I'm a member and consider it great value considering what Brian puts into every weekly lesson.

  12. great stuff, explained well, keep 'em coming

  13. Terrible Video! It helped me a lot!

  14. This Is a lesson i waited for… thanks

  15. I've tried on and off for years to get to grips with this style and failed every time.. At last someone who's helped me make sense of it. I can do it slowly now!

  16. That's great! Parse please mr sandman!

  17. all good except my ring finger refuses to lift, have to impro.

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