Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Lesson – Percussive Fingerstyle – Solo Guitar – EP187

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In this blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a percussive fingerstyle. This is a solo guitar composition, which means you don’t need and MP3 jam track or a musician to accompany you, you can pick up any guitar and play this in standard tuning.


  1. Nice one as usual Brian.

  2. After one Week I've got it. Thank you so much really good work.

  3. very, very cool! thanks))

  4. This here justifies the premium membership alone. Great composition!

  5. Thanks Brian, love it! Great groove, I've been looking for something percussive for a while.

  6. puto amo

  7. This is wonderful! Just had the chance to listen. It's not something I'm going to try anytime soon but it's very nice.

  8. so cool ..melody is refreshing one .
    Your tutorial is quite different from others.I luv ur random genre style to see everytime .

  9. nice guitar – i believe alvarez is one of the better brands with some of their model series
    to by used for a good sound ( and look ) for a great price.

  10. Excellent lesson ,very detailed explanation , for those who find it a bit hard to follow I recommend to keep watching it over and over for a few days ,the more you watch and listen the easier it gets ,this sounds like Mark Knopfler's style ,very cool and groovy.
    Active melody is one of the best .

  11. Daniel San Román


  12. holy cow, skills

  13. This is fantastic

  14. Those glasses suit you brother.

  15. Having a difficult time getting the feel of the slap…percussion. Just 2 fingers,right?

  16. What's going on with those strings in the tuning pegs? Never seen them woven like that like a birds nest! Not being negative each to his own I dont think it makes much of a difference either way :)

  17. Best lesson in a while, good stuff this is what I come to this channel for, great original and creative compositions taught well!

  18. Graziano Tasinato


  19. very nice.

  20. E minor 9

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