Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson – Alternating Bass

In this lesson Orville Johnson demonstrates the alternating bass technique using a classic blues tune called “Railroad Bill.” You can learn guitar from Orville, and 30 other great teachers, at .

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  1. 6:177:09 actually tells you the meaning of life lol

  2. Good lesson!

  3. brilliant lesson great setup with different cameras all round excellent video (and subscribe)

  4. thanks a lot for the lesson I got it down now, but I don't use finger picks and having playing flat pick for nearly a decade my index and middle finger are killing me. lol I still play through it though.

  5. Oh yeah, this is gonna be a bitch to learn.

  6. I appreciate the lesson but my thumb isn't long enough to reach over the neck  >:(

  7. Thank you so much for the lesson, Orville! Thank you very much for your style: being cool, patient, talking slowly, so we can understand faster. And for the optimistic words, which are real energy, and reboost motivation!

  8. thanks Orville, now all i have to do is get my thumb a.k.a. bass player to get with the program :)

  9. Mr. Valdez, why would you make such a nasty comment. You can't even spell and you give us other Hispanics a bad name. Do us a favor and shrivel up and go away

  10. Very good tutorial Orville. I've watched your other ones and you're a very good guitar player as well. 

  11. Thank you. This is a very good start

  12. Thank you for this lesson .

  13. 10:39 Ops, I swallowed a lobster.

  14. Thank you Orville – this very lesson gave me the jump start to learn the alternate bass. You are the best teacher on the whole Internet!

  15. Your personality is so gentle that it had a sort of calming effect of me as I played this video. It starts with your voice. You teaching only extends it!

  16. now that's a nice bolo tie. gotta get me one of those

  17. Very good! I think all guitar players(eletric, acoustic and classic) should pay more atention to that bass techinique. Players like Frank Gambale, Mikael Akerfedt from Opeth, Paul Masvidal, Petrucci and others Fusion players do it very good. It sounds like you have a band with you. Very good to write music without needing to play piano

  18. Does anyone know where I can find the exact Lyric and chord for this song?

  19. Does anyone know where I can find another guitar lesson on this kinda playing? I looked every but I'm not sure what to type in on the Search Bar

  20. i can play the bassline, i can play the melody but i can't play it together. it's so hard

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