Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson: Two-Hand-Tapping + Percussion

This is a modern percussive fingerstyle tutorial taken from my online guitar academy: – check it out for more guitar lessons & tutorials 🙂

In this tutorial I show how to play two hand tapping as well as body percussion in one pretty fun to play riff.

So grab your guitar and happy playing 😉
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  1. The problem I am having is on the 4th tapped note, the hammer on finger is muting it. 2:28

  2. GADDAD is the best dad!

  3. Th best two hand playing ive seen so far is the mid end part of memories holy crap Its like having two brains <3

  4. é uma pena que só funciona se o seu violao for violao caro

  5. I don't have a Kredit card what can I do? I want the book

  6. nice. thnx.
    greetings from Bangladesh

  7. That's.. fuckin sexy, Tobias.. That riff is damn sexy

  8. Thanks for sharing the knowledge! I wouldn't be the guitarist I am today without your instruction!

  9. Tom Goldsmith guitar


  10. so great

  11. what is the tuning of the guitar?

  12. А по русски можно?

  13. I had reached a point where I no longer felt inspired to continue playing or excelling, then I saw your video"Still awake." It has brought me to a whole new realm.
    The simplicity is evident, yet the execution complex, color me intrigued!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration!
    Best wishes from Beaumont, TX.

  14. Hi Tobias rauscher, well, I'm following your website and your channel, your classes have helped me a lot in my development, thank you very much, but you could teach to play the music still awake this and other songs that you did are very beautiful hugs

  15. Tobias could you please tell me how many days u will take to arrange a fingerstyle song…

  16. You are so beautiful that I can not follow your lessons XD.  I do not speak english very well.But you're very good at playing the guitar.I hope one day I can learn how to play the guitar, like you. Thanks for the video :*

  17. Жанна Козленко

    Ааа. Это гениально)))

  18. Muito bom amo seus video deveria ter 10 milhões de inscritos você merece :') like

  19. love it… thanks for share it

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