Fingerstyle Tutorial: We Are the Champions [Full Instrumental] – Guitar Lesson w/ TAB

Fingerstyle Tutorial: We Are the Champions [Full Instrumental] - Guitar Lesson w/ TAB

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We Are the Champions

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  1. Somebody to love pls

  2. Country roads please that would be epic

  3. This is so perfect more Queen tutorials please!!! P.s. I loved your tutorial on Bohemian Rhapsody and can now fluently play it (Used it as my music extension finals and got an A) Keep the tutorials coming and I'll keep learning.

  4. You're incredible.Thank you again.

  5. Ohhh please do endless love it would be be sooo so cool. Please ☺

  6. You're incredible. I love the songs, the arrangements, the lessons. You're doing an excellent job! Thank you!

  7. why arent you marry yetttttt

  8. Thank you for this awesome lesson. Plz can you do Red house by Jimi hendrix acoustic fingerstyle blues lesson.

  9. Please make tutorial of a ^Queen – Killer Queen^!!!!!!

  10. Super genial rübergebracht….Liebe Grüße aus Lübeck (Germany)

  11. Vaprobus PlayWithUS

    so so…

  12. mircea ioan Nemeth

    Awesome fingerpicking style .It,s very hard type song to learn this

  13. New guitar sounds awsome 🙂

  14. Stefaan Coutereel

    Thank you so so so much for your work! I also bought videolessons from you, they are super! Keep on goning (rockin')

  15. Jericho De Guzman

    Can you do Isn't she lovely by stevie

  16. Bayu Satrio Putra

    Indonesian song please , “Karna Su Sayang”


    It's your fault, you turned me on to this guy now nothing I play is any good.


  18. Another great one!

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