First Electric Guitar Lesson Complete Beginners

First Electric Guitar Lesson Complete Beginners. First rock guitar riff. TNT by ACDC. Step by step easy to follow lesson. Loads more lessons on my channel!
AC/DC Thunderstruck:
!o easy songs without chords:

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  1. This sg is beautiful

  2. Are you into The Raconteurs? The song Blue Veins would make an epic tutorial

  3. My answers have been prayered!

  4. thanks myan I waited for it..

  5. I had decided last week that after I have a solid foundation in acoustic, I wanted to go to electric. I haven't found online instruction yet for specific beginning electric… And here you put out an intro to electric guitar! Once again, you are in my top of my favorite online sources for lessons!

  6. Hey, could you do acoustic versions of Every Breath You Take by The Police or Still Loving you by Scorpions? Would be much appreciated. Also, a quick question, for how long have you been playing acoustic guitars?

  7. Thanks man

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