First Electric Guitar Lesson – Free For All Beginners – Amp Settings – Mark John Sternal

Sample Video from GUITAR DVD #1 Beginner Basics and Beyond – Run Time 3 hours 9 minutes. – Learn all you need to survive in the world of guitar! The proven content was designed by Expert Guitar Instructor Mark John Sternal to be the FASTEST and EASIEST way to learn to play, GUARANTEED! The student will learn to read guitar music with notation, TAB and charts. The method is geared to allow the viewer to start playing instantly, learning individual notes, then progressively builds up from partial two string chords to full, six string chords. In part 3 of this video, the student will graduate to learn their first 5 SONGS in the most popular music styles, including Rock, Blues and Country!
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  1. Vladislav Zolotov

    You should probably specify that that bridge is a Floyd Rose. With a Floyd Rose you can dive lower than with a different tremolo bridge, like a Fender. They're a bitch to tune and restring though. It all has to do with the springs(you have to adjust them every time you want to retune to a significantly different tuning when it's out of reach of the fine tuners). And since it has a locking nut, it won't go out of tune easily.

  2. So helpful.

  3. obrigado pela dica

  4. Jack Mac Cuinneagain

    My amp doesn't have a Middle dial but it has a "Notch Gain " dial with button and a "Shape" button . Can anyone explain these?

  5. thank you, this really was very useful :D

  6. THANK YOU – Yours Truly Electric Novice

  7. great tutorial

  8. very helpful, thanks!

  9. just buy an amp with the option to go to volume 11. Then youll become the ultimate rock star

  10. really thank u for this video

  11. Thanks for the lesson :)

  12. i just bought an electric guitar…….and amp dont have an overdrive option………what should i do????????

  13. I just got an electric guitar yesterday for my birthday and this helps me out SOOO MUCH!! Thank you!!!

  14. is it normal that my amp makes buzzing sound when i dont touch my guitar ? :/

  15. Thanks for the detail, great for me just starting out knowing nothing.

  16. Im getting an electric guitar sometime this week so this helped 😀 i have two acoustic guitars one of them is covered in decals and the other is really old so i kept it good ;)

  17. My guitar doesn't make a sound! I plugged everything and it just doesn't seem to work 

  18. I have a Powerwerks PW50, and it only has high, low, volume, and master volume. How do I get a really distorted metal sound?

  19. Jesper “MeltingBoat” Borgersen

    I am about getting my very first guitar (electric), so I'll use this vid if I'm ever getting one. Now I understand a lot more!

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