Five Classic Punk Rock Bass Guitar Riffs

Five Classic Punk Rock Bass Guitar Riffs

A video lesson for the bass guitar, especially suitable for beginners, which discusses and demonstrates five classic Punk Rock riffs from the following performances…

1970 (The Stooges)
Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones)
Anarchy In The UK (The Sex Pistols)
Holiday In Cambodia (Dead Kennedys)
Waiting Room (Fugazi)

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  1. Excelent video great work

  2. Nice
    Greetings from Greece!

  3. Jim of Aotearoa

    I hope Glen Matlock knows that legions of us appreciated his musical efforts with the Pistols a lot more than Sid. Sid was a train wreck and everybody was watching the crash but Glen provided us with the soundtrack. His musical skill taught the others everything they then used in the band….It all came from Glen. Sure, Steve had his sound, his style but it was Glen making sure the music had form, gently guiding the musical chaos into something others would find listenable and be able to dance to. Skill….not luck.

  4. BodaciousWickerman

    Glen Matlock!

  5. caçador do rio

    Nice bass lines but for punk rock roundwounds strings are better to the bass sound agressive

  6. is that squier cv 50's?

  7. Metallum Rubigo

    Please Teacher!… more Punk Rock Bass Lines!!!…

  8. Fuuuuuuuck yeah, bass in punk is so essential as in all music, but punk bass lines are so cool

  9. oh pete if you do requests for bass the damned the stranglers the jam are who I grew up listening to and got me into bass thanks again

  10. brilliant just found your site hope you do a load more like this brilliant video especially by adding tab thanks

  11. George Rodriguez

    Great video. I was born in '84, caught the punk rock virus in the mid-late 90's, only I preferred–and still do–the late 70's and early 80's American and UK groups. In your list, I would've included JJ Burnell, Ali McMordie, Paul Simonon and Bruce Foxton, as I am a bass player and drew direct inspiration from these players, and can still hear/feel their influence in the newer/derivative groups. One player I don't think gets enough credit in punk rock is Glen Matlock–solid player and great songwriter. All-in-all, I appreciated your video and look forward to more. Cheers!

  12. Great, thank you so much!

  13. Go through all of the Waiting room, please.

  14. Detlev Gebers #bass

    You have a very good tone! P*U*N*K is not dead! Go ahead!

  15. I was a teenager back during the 70's and was a huge fan of Entwistle's and Squire's bass work and kind of skipped past the whole Punk scene. After watching your lesson, I think I'll grab a few of these albums and have a proper listen.
    I couldn't really tell what sort of bass you played, it looked like an early 50's P-Bass. I had one of those years ago, great tone.
    I'm looking forward to your bass lesson videos when you get them rolling. Cheers!

  16. NewJerseyMilitia

    Punk Rockers never die, they only grow old then die.

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