Flamenco Technique on Electric Guitar – Lesson

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Downlaod TAB here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/68va7s3cs4zzgp9/Electric+flamenco+-+Bryce+Goertzen.gp5
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  1. This video is so dope. Thank you for teaching this to me man

  2. sorry mate there's no flamenco in it…

  3. What guitar is it ?
    I use my battered up old Ibanez, not even sure what model its so wasted looking :)

  4. Fantastic, most of my mates are doing the same old blues riffs, it bores me to death…this on the other hand is what I do…badly, but i'll get there :)

  5. how long did it take you to get it like this??

  6. alex grey art, do you like tool?

  7. Great, and Ola Englund in the backfround m/ :)

  8. Bryce, any chance you might do some free-form soloing? I know there must be days where you have a feeling and roll with it, i'd love to hear whatever you come up with.

  9. Steven Forler (Sharply Dressed Caveman)

    The tapping section of maze of cards in the begining would be awesome to learn could that be your next video is how to do something like that?

  10. Incredible skill my friend, very graceful. Might try and give this a go, wait probably another 2 years for it to turn up in a video hahaha. 

  11. Thanks for taking the time to do this, I'm gonna be learning this for sure now. Keep 'em coming man!

  12. Muhammad Suhairi

    So the strings didn't cut your ring finger when you slap it?

  13. Steven Forler (Sharply Dressed Caveman)

    Love this video bryce was wondering about that technique.

  14. it sounds like a train with that spider/metal position lol :P

  15. First time I've heard you just talk lol

  16. Love your stuff Bryce

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