Flea Bass DVD Lesson

Flea Bass DVD Lesson
very helpful, even for people which are playing bass for a long time!
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  1. Flea is a very interesting cat. I admire his balls-to wall playing but he's with a group that ain't all that good IMHO. Yet he's the monster factor and few on earth give it as much as he does. He works that bass for all it's worth. And he's straight ahead on teaching the very basic stuff. He makes the bass approachable. He is saying to put your fingers on the neck and play something! Doesn't get any simpler and straight ahead than that! Well done, Flea. You are an inspiration.

  2. that that that that joy

  3. Hristo Vodenicharov

    The comparison between the bass player and the point guard is beautiful

  4. <3

  5. can't believe he didn't mention Steve Harris but he said gallop, still a legend tho #nothating

  6. I learned more in this hour than I have with a teacher for a year.

  7. Thijs van Gisbergen

    YOU'RE SO FUNNY WHEN YOU SING! I want to hear you do DO TI LA SO FA MI RE DO

  8. "strike the fingers with the string"

  9. I think it's easier to play while standing up. What do you guys think about playing positions?

  10. Im 50 yrs old and just started playing and Flea is inspiring the fuck outta me…THNX!!

  11. I wonder what aliens would think of humans if the first human video they see is this one.

  12. i love that guy ………….. the guy just went weedidawip…so i'm gonna go go weedidwip fucking awesome

  13. who plays bass with a pick?

  14. Givanildo Santos Silva

    olá flea,cara tu toca muito to louco kkkkkk

  15. Drown Silence Official

    No pick, no quarter.

  16. Haha! I love how Flea explained the picking technique! Short and simple like: "Psst but It's more fun to play the bass fingerstyle" 😉 😀 )

  17. Dude, you rock my world. I am so much better at playing the bass thanks to you! This video is all i needed to get me further, i worked so hard to get better and you helped me with this video!

  18. Does anyone know were I can buy one of these basses from?

  19. It's so hard not to love him.

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