Fleetwood Mac “Landslide” – Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
and welcome to another By Request Song Tutorial! In this lesson I’ll break down how to play Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 classic “Landslide” on acoustic guitar. I’ll take you through the chord changes for the entire song, Lindsey Buckingham’s finger-style or finger-picking technique and my interpretation of the guitar solo.

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  1. Ha “This name seems” Ah

    Dude I cannot get over that dog just completely fuckin with hue balls the entire video

  2. Gilberto Becerra

    Hey Rob I was wondering if you took down you're tutorial on "where did you sleep last night?" By leadbelly/nirvana?

  3. Matthew Chatham

    props for the dog licking himself in the background! haha for real though, I was just listening to this earlier today, thanks for posting this.

  4. I love this channel. Such a beautiful voice!

  5. Just spent most of the day with your video. Thanks so much for the great lesson!

  6. I love the lesson. I was wondering if you could do any song by the Dirty Heads. I want to learn to play a song by them, because they're my favorite band. If you could, I would greatly appreciate it. You explain really well for me, and I learn well from you.
    Nicholas Reedy

  7. just want to say a big thank you for these lessons! 2 years ago now I found your stand by me tutorial and started guitar and here I am learning this song I thought would be impossible back in the day, thanks Marty, Australia

  8. William Susanto

    Do you only do classical songs?

  9. Great tutorial Rob!

    p.s. Lick N Riff's dogs are better behaved on camera than yours ;)

  10. Give the hound a break. He appreciates a good voice. Just imagine what the ladies will be doing. Good lesson.

  11. Great Lesson. someone probably asked allready, but what mic are you using for vocals and guitar?

  12. that dog is really going to town on his nuts at the beginning

  13. very nice great

  14. Never thought about learning this one til this came up in my sub feed. Thanks, I'm on it!

  15. Goran Marinković

    Can you do tutorial for Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City :)

  16. This is inspiring!

  17. Fantastic as always :)

  18. Amazing tutorial as usual! Thank you so much!

  19. this is like the song that you MUST learn if you want to start playing acoustic guitar 🙂 and oh man i like your voice !

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