Fleetwood Mac – Landslide – Lesson acoustic fingerpicking guitar lesson tutorial

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  1. Fernando Casco Díaz

    Simply, brillant

  2. Thank you! I learnt this a while back and now I have it with the proper picking pattern! Your videos are the only ones I can follow!! How about the solo in this song?! PLeeeeeaaasseee!!

  3. Gesundheit!!!

  4. Hey Marty – I use to have guitar students until I turned them on to you! Would love to be gifted for your a lifetime. How dreamy is that? Thanks for your consideration. You know I'll keep turning players on to you.

  5. that sneeze tho

  6. Marty, With that sneeze, I'm hoping to catch the same guitar bug you've got! Pete

  7. never mind don't pick me that was a terrible tutorial lol. It started good but at the chorus I was done.

  8. pick me!!

  9. Thomas Pikulinski

    Hey marty, I got the beginning part. Once you get into the D chord and the G with the E, I cant exactly tell what you're doing fingerpick wise. Anyway you can show that?

  10. Ok Marty someday I would just like to learn half the stuff you forgot 🙂 ill get landslides picking down yet ! Please keep teaching. ! So us idiots can learn 🙂 good job brother ! Thanks Gary

  11. You are a great teacher. Thank you for this one.

  12. can I get tab for this song exactly how he teaches it anywhere please

  13. not many guitar players can do what you do,amazed how easy it is to pick up a song when you teach it,keep up the great work Marty,will always go to you for a song,thanks again

  14. Wait so that's the entire song right there?

  15. frees good

  16. God Bless You – TWICE !

  17. First half really good, second half it's just like you got bored of explaining it!

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