Floods Guitar Lesson (FULL SONG) – Pantera

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In this Floods guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this killer track off of Pantera’s The Great Southern Trendkill album.

The tuning is C# standard tuning, which means that every string is tuned down a minor 3rd from standard. That will be, starting from the 6th string, C# F# B E G# C#.

The clean arpeggio picked intro is also the verse of the song. There are some slight variations that Dimebag uses with this part, so I will show you what those variations are and where they happen in the music.

I will take you through each section of the song in the order that each appears on the original recording. There are some pretty big stretches used throughout a lot of the rhythm guitar work. Most notably, a lot of add9 chords played across the entire fretboard.

I will also take you through Dimebag’s solo note-for-note. It is a pretty short one, but has some great licks in it as always with Dimebag.

This song has been heavily requested for a while now, so I hope it was worth the wait! #floodsguitarlesson #pantera #dimebag



  1. Thallis Santos neves

    Bruce Dickinson – king in Crimson — Abduction — trumpets of jericho — tears of the dragon

  2. SantiagoSkywalker98

    One million thanks for this lesson!!!!!!! But I have to say… Why the f every lesson still insist that Floods is in C# Tunning? IT'S IN D 428 Hz!!!! Like Walk, I'm Broken, Five Minutes Alone, Revolution Is My Name, Becoming, No Good (Attack The Radical). ¬¬

  3. wow.. just watched them playing it live… and was like how to play it..and BAM

  4. Love you bro! Thanks!

  5. Tristen Oberlender

    Awesome!! Thanks so much for this video!

  6. Wheres the Dimebag squeal at the end of the solo?

  7. Thanks for doing this iv been wanting to learn this one.

  8. hey carl, i have another request for you: this love by pantera.

  9. You the man Carl!

  10. Great lesson. Can you play "By demons be driven?" Thanks!

  11. buster produktion

    Can you do "Brusa fritt lilla å" by Janne Schaffer

  12. Hey Carl, Hope all is been well with things especially lately, you looking to do any live stuff soon?

  13. Carl, could you do some more Dire Straits stuff like brother in arms? Your Sultans of Swing lesson series is the best out there, I learned it last couple of months 🙂

  14. PhantomOfMinecraft

    Carl, please do Burnin’ For You by The Blue Öyster Cult and i’ll have your baby

  15. Any chance you can do a video about unhappy girl by the doors ? Would love to learn to play more of the doors!

  16. Isaiah French-fry95

    Can you please do a video of "heaven's hung in black" by W.A.S.P.

  17. Rattlehead by Megadeth, please?

  18. can you do some anthrax

  19. I would love if you did Savatage or TSO or Jon Oliva's Pain

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