Fly Away, Lenny Kravitz (Guitar Lesson) – Electric Guitar Lesson – How to Play Easy Songs

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Fly Away, Lenny Kravitz (Guitar Lesson) – Electric Guitar Lesson – How to Play Easy Songs
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  1. Its All About Gaming

    Dude I would love to jam with you someday

  2. the little part of song does sound close .. but its such a small part of song. Thanks man for all the help in learning these songs awesome job. Take care.

  3. Kevin Bordeleau

    thanks marty, your lessons are easy and the best.

  4. You were soo right about lenny using Jeff Buckley's Last Goodbye to "influence" this song haha

  5. As much as I enjoy your lessons, your sense of humor is money – keep on keepin' on!

  6. Del Puckett - Guitar

    DAT FACE at 4:07 is PRICELESS !!!  can you say MELT ?!?!?

  7. Lmao you're awesome Marty, thanks again for another great lesson!

  8. Are the riffs boring you Marty..?..!..?…otherwise you are my online ofline goodline happyline stringline guitar teacher….make a song of it..

  9. can you do bonjovi always? thanks

  10. I heard that   all the  great  artist steal 

  11. "ohhhhhhhhhh! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!" hahaha Marty u crack me up. Love ur videos, thanks for the post!

  12. jackson powell

    how do you play Live by Lenny Kravitz

  13. easy, great lesson as usual!

  14. thank you mate i love the song now you made me play it and like it more on guitar

  15. Mateusz Biernacki

    Hey Marty, I've realized that whenever i try to look up 'how to play' clip on youtube, You're the one who's explaining how to do it. Good job and keep going!

  16. Jessica Firestone

    Do back in black

  17. Michele Gingras

    You are an awesome, fun, and personable teacher Marty! Funny, too!

  18. Frederik Sandberg

    Can't get the rythm down :(

  19. ths marty!!!!!!!!!

  20. Miloš Tošovský

    🙂 thanks Marty

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