Guitar LESSON on “Fly Me To The Moon”. Easy chord melody guitar arrangment. Detailed and easy to follow.

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Easy chord melody jazz guitar lesson Fly Me To The Moon :
Chord melody is a style, that allows you to play the melody and the guitar chords simultaniously or alternating. No other instruments required. This is also calles a solo guitar tune. As a side effect you learn the Fly Me To The Moon guitar chords and the melody.

Fly Me To The Moon for chord melody guitar: Fly Me To The Moon is one of the most popular jazz standards. It is played at every jazz session, so as an aspiring jazz guitarist you should learn this tune.

My Fly Me To The Moon guitar tutorial is very detailed and beginner friendly. You shouldn`t have any problems following. But in the event you have any questions, don`t hesitate to ask.

Please let me know, which jazz standard you would like to learn next on jazz guitar! I will upload more easy jazz guitar standards, like this one.

Chord melody jazz guitar lesson : Playing Chord melody guitar is not always that easy, but i try to make really easy arrangements for jazz guitar, so you succed. ****************************************************************** Please like this video!

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Enjoy, Sandra 馃檪


  1. Hi Sandra, I think you are one of the best teacher at you tube, thanks a lot for your lessons

  2. Great lesson! Please keep them coming! Thanks

  3. grrrrreeeeeeeetings from brazil!!! wow!

  4. a m a z i n g !!!

  5. You are an excellent teacher! Thank you!


  7. hermoso!

  8. In stead of giving it away, if you only charged $2.00 UR per songs for the Tabs download times 22,854 Do the math. It's not begging. 聽Just Saying!

  9. Sweetheart I'm still in love with. 聽please remember at my age I was there when this song was first published. I like your arrangement, however you are playing it with very little emotion.. 聽I'm also sure you are a better guitariste than me. I wish I new how to let you hear me play your argangment which is more romantic which I think the composer Bart Howard had in mind. However, don't worry because I'm still going to propose to you when I get over there.

  10. wunderbar Sandra; endlich ein machbarer Einstieg in die reizvollen Jazz-Akkorde.

  11. Vienna! What!?! Don't you have to play Beethoven, Mozart, Hayden, Schubert!?! Is this even allowed?!? Thanks Sandra, love the lesson! Great tune. And free tabs to boot! (Hey! Are you really in Vienna? How come your last name doesn't have two n's, or two m's or a c or all three?)

  12. mohamed bayram hamdi

    I do realy love what u doing <3 please can u arrange a lesson for "all of me" and thanks u've been a big help and support :*

  13. Hello!Maestro,Sandra! very nice to meet you.Usually I play fork songs like a Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, wiht acoustic guiter.but recently i bought Jazz guiter.i would like to play Mona Lisa, i request it.Thank you! from Tokio.

  14. Excellent lesson. Love your arrangement. I subscribed and will totally be binge watching your videos all weekend.

  15. Emmanuel Barrantes

    Amazing. Thank you very much.

  16. Just watched this video for the third time and didn't got bored. Now I finally got it! Maybe you could help in terms of motivation and patience with myself? 馃槈

  17. Thanks, a lot

  18. Hello Sandra! I'm living in Ghent (Belgium) and have been playing music already my whole life (guitar, bass, drums, synth) as a hobby. Jazz guitar seemed always "a bridge too far", but I'm ready to try it now. That's why I started looking at Youtube and found your channel. I'm happily charmed by your playing style and the way you explain the songs. The fact that you offer these lessons for free shows that you really love music and that is much appreciated!

  19. Thank you so much for your wonderful lessons, I am so glad I came across your site. I wonder if you might teach us the song Windmills of your mind. I love how Sting approaches it. What do you say Sandra?

  20. R.J. Ronquillo Guitar

    Great lesson, and tabs!

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