Folsom Prison Blues Guitar Lesson Acoustic

Folsom Prison Blues Guitar Lesson Acoustic

Folsom Prison Blues Guitar Lesson Acoustic

Welcome to my Johnny Cash guitar tutorial for Folsom Prison Blues. We will be learning to play this in a fun and upbeat way on the guitar. If you are interested in the learning the Boom Chuck or Boom Chuck-ah pattern to apply to this song, check out the video below:

Walk The Line Lesson:

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  1. God's Word Made Simple

    I love the way you explain everything! I don't teach music, but as a fellow teacher, I love the way you explain and really break everything down, super easy to follow! I especially love that rather than just saying "do this" you're explaining it and showing me visually, audibly, talking me through it! SOOO many great tips, you are a truly solid and talented online teacher!!!

  2. Marrianne Konday

    I love your guitar it has hummingbird…..

  3. You Are Gifted Guitar Teacher Especially For Kids.

  4. You Are Awesome Fantastic. Thank You Sister.

  5. As always thank you for your time and love for what you do. Once people learn enough they can learn the intro riff and how to get the box car slap and use the base notes and the lead is simple as well as the end riff. Maybe try it with E A E7 B7. This song taught me a lot and opened doors and my eyes when I was a beginner many years ago. Very good lesson and choice. Chords can be changed for ones voice and learning.

  6. Guadalupe Rodriquez

    Nice. Very good lesson .must try to learn that song. Wish me luck.

  7. Stumbled on this video while trying to get some ideas for FPB and never head of the boom chuck pattern. Awesome job! Heading over to the other video to see how you break that down.

  8. Thanks Lauren, that was great.

  9. Donald Neumeyer

    Excellent Lauren!

  10. Nice lesson,Lauren!

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