Foo Fighters Best Of You Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

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The guitar part for this song won’t be getting the best of you after you watch today’s guitar lesson! Today I’m teaching you how to play Best Of You by Foo Fighters on electric guitar. Check it out!

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  1. Thank you for supporting MartyMusic!!

  2. Can you a Mark Knopfler song? Imo privateering is such a nice song!!

  3. Quatrain of four new chords…all second position..unexpected.. Wow….thanks again

  4. Undertow by pain of salvation please!!!

  5. Christopher Barnes

    Foo Fighters, all day, everyday.

  6. Can you do Redundant by Green Day please? I love your lessons and I've always wanted to learn this song too

  7. Thanks Marty! Could we have some time: white wedding by Billy Idol?

  8. "I'll stick around – foo fighters"

  9. Maheshan Subramaniam

    Love this song..thank you..

  10. … when the right person has received the perfect guitar that really ought to belong to him.. I am very happy for you having been given this guitar. You deserve it! Thanks for teaching us noobs, average and pros..

  11. Great video, thank You 🙂
    Could You possibly do "Lessons" by Rush?

  12. Hey! This video is really awesome! I learned a lot with this video! Can you please do Say It Ain’t So by Weezer? That would help a lot. Thank you for helping me learn songs on the guitar!

  13. Can you do a lesson on this.
    Watch "Waltzing Matilda Guitar" on YouTube

  14. Do megalovania

  15. Mr blue sky pls

  16. That's A beautiful guitar by the way…And I just wanted to tell you thank you for being my go too guitar teacher lol…started watching you around march 26 of last year…knew nothing…lol but now can play like 30 songs…

  17. Nice guitar

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