Foo Fighters – Best Of You Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Acoustic/ Electric

Foo Fighters - Best Of You Guitar Lesson Tutorial - Acoustic/ Electric


BEST OF YOU Chords/ lyrics: ►►

Here’s how to play Best Of You by one of my favourite bands, Foo Fighters!

Here, I demo how to play this song on an acoustic guitar. However, it is played exactly the same on electric guitar, so just use whichever you have or whichever sound you’re after. Videos of Dave Grohl playing this full song on both electric and acoustic are further down this page as examples.

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  1. Wolfgang Pospischill

    Thanks for the great tutorial!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. great video, love it.

  3. learn so long goodbye!please by ten years thank you

  4. Going to see the Foo monday night at Paris thx Andy !

  5. Could you do savior by rise against please?

  6. Can you do some earth wind and fire

  7. Kaethish Blitz

    Why haven't you made any tutorial for a Queen song?

  8. You can make it available with the lyrics and chords?

  9. nothing important

    so glad its foo fighters friday !!!

  10. If you haven't done it yet do money by pink floyd

  11. Craig Johnston

    yes foo fighters Friday is back

  12. Love This Camera Position.

  13. Did you see the Glastonbury set where the crowd just did the "Whoah" for about 10 minutes. Also, great video!

  14. Foo Fighters Friday has returned o/

  15. Thank you! Going to watch the Foos @Roskilde tonight.

  16. please do Gravity by John Mayer! you're the best yt teacher out there 🙂

  17. Andy I believe you please do my dearest by supercell it is a very very very very good song.

  18. Radhika Shrivastav

    pls do home by foo fighters!

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