Foo Fighters Everlong Guitar Lesson

Dustin Prinz giving a guitar lesson on how to play Everlong by the Foo Fighters.
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  1. is the d string muted during pre chorus and chorus?

  2. This is so good

  3. nice chill tutorial, calm voice. now I'm horny and able to play everlong on guitar :)

  4. Man this encapsulated the entire song in such an easy way. Now I can finally play this song I've loved for years. Thanks so much.

  5. wow awesome.

  6. Thank you

  7. Randal…You have just become my new hero my friend. I've just started playing a week or so. But I think I can have a go at this, my fav tune. Thanks

  8. Cool stuff. Excellent Channel. Was not expect it to be that good. Keep up the greatchannel vids

  9. Great lesson. Thank you!

  10. Thank you Randel

  11. Good easy to follow tutorial. Thanks!

  12. Dude I know you are tired to hear that .. but you rock with this very straight forward and well done lesson … wow

  13. DUDE! AWESOME, you make me want to learn this song immediately.

  14. Thank you man! Learned this song because of a great tutorial! I appreciate you!

  15. GOOD JOB………

  16. absolutely the best lesson on youtube, not only for Everlong, but for all songs. He assumes most of his audience can already play a little and just need the exact chord shapes and rhythm of the song. Very well done.

  17. Thanks dude.  Great lesson.

  18. awesome lesson man i was hopping too see some more it really helped

  19. Pretty simple..nice voice''

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