Foo Fighters – Everlong Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Chords Strumming Drop D Tuning

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In this Everlong guitar lesson tutorial, we’re going to learn how to play the chords and strumming for this Foo Fighters classic in Drop D Tuning.

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  1. You are a gifted teacher Justin – you explain what is happening really clearly helping us to get many different things from your breakdown of what is going on with both hands – thanks 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the this amazing lesson on one of my favorite Foo's songs. Your style of teaching is precise and fast, any beginner or advanced player can learn in a minute. Keep up the good, Justin. You're a great guitarist and teacher.

  3. Wow!… Thanks… What more does a guitar player need to learn a song… Again… Thanks!…

  4. For anyone looking to be a badass, play all of these riffs on an acoustic.

  5. I think you'll find that Pat did play on the original recording. Chris joined the band later after Pat had left.

  6. Love your work Justin. I was struggling to find an easy-ish song to get more into drop-d tuning and everlong is turning out to be very fun to play. Cheers.

  7. Thanks so much you are the best teacher on this channel !!!! I have learned so much I'm 48 I have always played bass never guitar till a customer of mine gave me a great yahama 6 string it changed my life !! Didn't know how to play it,but your lessons made it easy I wish I learned earlier in life thank you so much !! Keep up the great work !

  8. Ryan Heatherington

    wicked thanks for all the great tutorials…

  9. Thank you for the great lesson, I really appreciate the arrangement of the different guitar parts for one player!
    The only thing that could be improved imho is the rhythm for the intro.

    If we write it as straight 16th notes (1e&a 2e&a…) the rhythm for the first two chords (0-9-11 and 9-9-11) is:
    xxox ooxo xoox ooox

    with x meaning unaccented (i.e. only the two lowest strings being played) and o meaning accented (i.e. all three strings being played)

    For the second two chords (5-5-7 and back to 9-9-11) the rhythm is a constant xxox xxox….

    As you go back to 0-9-11 it just repeats.

  10. Can anyone actually get the intro right? Every tutorial has such a strange variation, I'm able to pull it off forrectly using a fender Squier in E standard…. why is this song so differentiated across each tutorial?

  11. Dude. Great tutorial, Justin. I have scoured the internet for many years watching all of FF's live versions of this song trying to find the approximation you describe as Chris's part (the second guitar/bouncing pinky part). There are countless tutorial videos and almost every single one skips this note which, in my opinion, is the most crucial in nailing this epic song. I have performed this at shows and have jammed it acoustically for people after learning it from a Hal Leonard sheet music book many years ago. The problem was, this book described the most awkward and painful finger positioning for this part, leaving me convinced that Dave Grohl has six fingers, and I've always left this progression out of my performances until now. Your approximation is by far the best I've seen to date. I'm going to practice re-learning this song as soon as my finger tips cool off. Thank you.

  12. Great tutorial mate, my favourite FF tune. Great tone on that old Gibbo too.

  13. such a cool song!!

  14. Travelling Missionary

    Hey Justin there!!!! I have watched your videos for years. Thank you for all your hard work and amazing skills and demonstrations. I am a traveling missionary and I have 3 questions for ya….. 1. Do you believe in God? 2. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? And 3. Have you ever been baptized ( submerged in water after hearing the words “ I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost” as a consenting adult)?????

  15. Can you do a lesson on all along the watchtower by Jimi Hendrix?

  16. Justin, will you teach how to play
    “ Here without you” by 3 Doors Down. I know you get a lot of request but please add that song to your list…

  17. Yo Justin thank you for everything you do. You rock man!

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