Foo Fighters – Everlong – How To Play Rock Songs on Guitar – Guitar Lessons

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  1. Thanks from Germany.

  2. I'm a beginner guitar player and this this is my favorite song and after watching this was able to figure it out pretty easily. Thanks a bunch Marty! You Rock!

  3. This tutorial is way better than the new one

  4. Marty looks sooooo young

  5. Just bought a Les Paul now awaiting an amp. This is the 1st song I'm going to learn and play on it.

  6. Awesome man, as a budding player I loved this video. 😀

  7. This guy looks a lot like Marty Schwartz, but Marty wears a hat. Idk who this guy is tho

  8. Bravo!!! I like your way 😉

  9. I love how you teach so much Marty. You've taught me pretty much all I know!

  10. marty! good job! !! love this stuff !!!!

  11. so hes playing all 3 string even when he covers the E/D right?

  12. it's so easy

  13. First part is similiar to Def Tones "DRIVE (far away)"… two of my favorite songs in the world. I wonder if GZ does any 'Tones…?

  14. great job. great teacher

  15. Quality Marty ! thanks man !

  16. Ive been playing guitar for +40 years, and I still come back to this guy when I need to learn and just enjoy. Great .

  17. thanks Marty!!! rockstar over here

  18. I can play this perfect on the acoustic but not on the electric…

  19. how do you mute notes so quick? My playing is so sloppy I can't figure out how to do that.

  20. Is he just paying the bottom 3 for the verse?

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