Foo Fighters-Learn to fly-Acoustic guitar lesson.

Foo Fighters-Learn to fly-Acoustic guitar lesson.

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  1. Thanks Wayne – I'm now subscribed

  2. Nice one! :)

  3. Thanks, Wayne!

  4. Nice video bro
    and nice guitar too

  5. Good lesson mate… I generally play bass but like to go back to guitar every once in a while to remind my fingers what pain REALLY is.

  6. Thanks Wayne, awsome lesson! Easy enough for me to learn.
    Please keep doing this.

  7. nice guitar mate

  8. one of the best tutorials ever

  9. Really awesome lesson! Just what I needed 🙂 Keep up the great work, mate!

  10. Janik,it's an Epiphone EJ 200 mate.

  11. Whats the Name of the Guitar?

  12. NorthernmostKiller

    No matter how many times i witness it, the difference when people speak and sing amazes me. You are awesome man, i can't even talk when i play guitar

  13. Thanks for your comment Bud,don't worry there'll be plenty more Foo's to come.

  14. You little beauty…..great lesson…..if i may ask for some Foo Fighters requests….(please could you you do "Subterranean , February Stars, Something From Nothing")….thanks so much for taking the time to do all the lessons you provide…

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