Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly – Guitar Lessons – How to play on guitar

Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly - Guitar Lessons - How to play on guitar

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  1. Stick to scateboardsnice .

  2. Awesome lesson. Very helpful

  3. opps Marty SUCKS time to google on, I don't even watch lessons on paid for from this dude he sucks so bad

  4. Dude….REALLY???? The 2nd chord you just play an F#m barre chord position but don't BAR…..Just hold the low root F# with your index finger.
    You're teaching songs?????

  5. Thanks Marty always on the ball . Kenny in the isle of Skye

  6. love the detailed info thanks

  7. Gregory Evert Klaasen

    The first chord is a barre chord

  8. Thank you for the info you always make things very easy for people to learn… not to mention easier ways of playing the same thing I think I learned Incubus Drive from you the original correct way to play it is so much more of a pain in the ass to play when you're trying to sing at the same time you used different versions of those cords to make it so much easier and I think it sounds better 🙂

  9. two marty?!

  10. What are your amp settings, i can't seem to get the right sound for this song as you have in the video
    By the way, great video as always, extremely helpful!

  11. wow who knew that you mute the other strings to do an octave shape. Brilliant

  12. Perfect ! thanks ^^

  13. this was helpful for me as I'm self taught

  14. top class bro

  15. came here after seeing rocking' 1000.

  16. Why not just use the thumb for the bass note on the F minor in the beginning?

  17. Thanks for being short and to the point. Nice when you can easily grab the chords you need without having to sit through a 20 minute video aimed at a first time player. I think some of the folks on here get a little carried away with focusing on the novice guitarist when a lot of the time most of us just want to come up to speed on a song really fast for an upcoming gig or event.

  18. Giancarlo Cipra G.

    Cool video man, i´ve been playing this my own way for a long time and it was really basic but now thanks to you, it sounds awesome

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