Foo Fighters – My Hero – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Tutorial, Rock Guitar

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Here’s another NEW Foo Fighters lesson by special request. It’s “Hero” the super rock anthem by Dave Grohl. Lots of fun rock guitar techniques for you guys to dig in to! I also want to acknowledge that this is the 3 month anniversary of my new project “MartyMusic” and I couldn’t be happier and more honored to have your support. Marty The Gear I Use:
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  1. Amazing guide! Thanks so much!!!!!

  2. g string…

  3. Hey Marty, love the channel, any chance of doing an acoustic version of my hero. I’m struggling with bar chords any tips greatly received, thanks man

  4. Marty can u please do D.O.A. Foo Fighters

  5. It pisses me off how he just completely puts his hand down

  6. You rock marty

  7. Brazil is here o/ tnx !!

  8. marty ur my hero

  9. when you play the chord walk up from c (you know what i’m taking about) it’s way easier to just play the bar chord on the A string and also if you watch Dave Grohl play this on the stern show he plays it this way, it’s wayyy easier. he also doesnt play the high E in the intro open but that’s kinda just preference

  10. lastoftheurgents1965

    I've been doing the harmony chords on the A / G axis rather than the D/B axis but I;ll bow down to your better easr, Great vid as always

  11. Awesome. Can you do this charming man by The Smiths

  12. Marty teach this song acoustic please!

  13. How to play heavy by collective soul

  14. Thank you Marty this is nice and clear teaching.

  15. Thanks for posting this. I'm left handed, but learned guitar right handed. I wanted to learn this song for my uncle who served in Vietnam and now I can!

  16. Real good lesson dude, cheers mate!

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