Foo Fighters – Times Like These (Acoustic) guitar lesson for beginners

Foo Fighters – Times Like These (Acoustic) guitar lesson for beginners
These videos are designed for guitar beginners or those with only limited guitar knowledge. They use simple chord shapes as much as possible and do not necessarily represent the way in which the original song was originally played. They are designed as practice tools to supplement your other learning methods. Information is provided on screen for both right and left-handed players!

The acoustic version of Times Like These takes the chords from the original electric version of the song and strips them down further, while still allowing for some small embellishments to come through. A very simple song for the most part, just try to get your little finger up to the 3rd fret of the high E string to get the sound right on a few of those chords.

The quiet middle section of those uses a 7/4 time signature which may feel weird at first. The tempo doesn’t change but you need to count 7 beats per bar instead of the usual 4.

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  1. That was a fun song to play!!!! Thanks again. You're really helping me with my progression as a decent player.

  2. Ognjen Mišić


  3. Peter1969 Peter1969

    thanking you LHG

  4. Peter1969 Peter1969

    what type of drum machine do you use on your videos. .. absolutely brilliant thank you for sharing

  5. This is a great site for beginners like me. Simplified and fun. Thanks

  6. Nicely done.

  7. Daniele Lazzaro

    excellent tutorial, I always look at your videos to learn new songs. keep it up 😉

  8. You're a fantastic teacher, thank you 🙂

  9. Very easy to learn from you. Thanks for taking the time to teach us.

  10. Just wish I could shout like the Grohl! Great video!

  11. thanks for that,not played for ages coz gets a boring by yourself.i'm picking it up again now thanks to stuff like this.

  12. Awesome!!!  I cannot thank you enough.
    Please, could you do some more Foo fighters? loving it <3

  13. Dude you are awesome…….please could you do some more Foo Fighter's. …. (Best Of You) (Marigold) (Everlong)… and some more Pearl Jam (Wishlist)(Unthought Known)…thanks


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