Foo Fighters Times Like These Acoustic Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Foo Fighters Times Like These Acoustic Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Dave Grohl; the ultimate rock god! Check out this easy acoustic guitar lesson of the classic Times Like These by the Foo Fighters.

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  1. Thanks for supporting!

  2. Could you teach it's you


  4. Dave Matthews all along the watchtower

  5. Thanks for stating that you don't have to play it exactly, they make it up, just make it work!

  6. Please please do slow dancing in a burning room ~ John Mayer (acoustic version) it’s my favorite song, I love your videos, keep it up and keep spreading the love of music!

  7. What about i'll stick around

  8. Amanda Garrigues

    You are a great guitar teacher. I just learned the em pentatontic scale from you. Thank you! I am a singer/songwriter and through your tutorials I have been able to expand my songwriting horizons. Thanks! Amanda Garrigues

  9. Ionut Alexandru Oprea

    I like how you play. I propose a melody from romanian folks rock music. I would like to see an tutorial for Phoenix-in umbra marelui urs or Phoenix – mica tiganiada. Would you like to try those songs, please? I really want a tutorial from you with this songs. Hope you like romanian folk rock music.

  10. Almost forgot about the OG Marty, thigh guy taught me guitar from the beginning <3 luv this dude

  11. Yo marty i just wanna drop in here on your most recent video to let you know you're a god damn legend and propably the best teacher out there on youtube, thank you for your effort!

  12. Hi marty, could you do a really in detail tutorial on stop this train by john meyer. I've been trying to learn this song for a while now but i just cant seem to get the hang of it. But whenever i watch one of your lessons you make it really easy and fun to learn, so i was just wondering if you could help me out.

  13. Please please please redo your do tutorial of banana pancakes

  14. Hey Marty can you make a guitar lesson of the song- The one you know by alice in chains?

  15. AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs

    Could you make a tutorial on Roundabout by yes

  16. I wish there was a ( like all videos of this channel ) button. Thank you very very very much Marty I seriously can’t thank you enough.

  17. Very nice video! Can we get some spaghetti western song tutorials?

  18. Dustin Zimmerman

    If you could do Magic Power by Triumph that would be awesome

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